The Seraphim Trilogy


Image of Seraphim Trilogy Book I Four years ago, sixteen year-old Grace MacCabe ran away from her abusive adoptive parents to the Irish Catholic South Side of Chicago. She wanted to become invisible, but God had other plans. She suddenly finds herself pregnant by a bizarre Immaculate Conception and pursued by a serial killer, the magnificent supernatural/human being who unknowingly fathered the child, a handsome detective and Hell’s most powerful demon. Everyone wants to claim the child who is destined to save the world.

Revelation, the first book of the Seraphim Trilogy by B. E. Van Loon, has everything… It’s a suspenseful, sacrilegious, fantasy thriller with characters you’ll love (and love to hate). Follow them as they get involved in the ultimate battle of good versus evil when God gets ready to reboot the planet. Full of twists and turns, romantic tension, action and criminal intrigue, Revelation will make you question your beliefs and leave you wanting more!

There is a sizable percentage of the American public that is interested in and fascinated by anything to do with Angels. In a country that is more or less Christian in heritage and culture, these celestial beings hold a special place in most hearts and imaginations. Revelation (Book 1 of the Seraphim Trilogy) by B.E. Van Loon is a welcome addition to Angelic lore. At around 260 pages, it is not too long and wordy as a lot of books in this genre seem to be, but it is a satisfying, well written look into the world of the heavenly host. The Seraph are, of course, the stars of this tale, but there are plenty of very interesting human characters that make this an emotional and convincing story about the struggles and despair of modern big city life.

From a brilliant surgeon who has lost his faith, his family, and maybe his soul, to a runaway who stumbles into a spiritual nightmare too horrible to comprehend, Revelation is full of characters you are compelled to cheer on or cry over. B.E. Van Loon is very good at portraying the bleak jungle that a modern city can become, while at the same time showing us that there is hope even for those who seem to have fallen the farthest. I chose this book to get the author’s take on Angels and it is a very interesting one, but ultimately it was the human beings that kept me reading. That’s where the real drama is. Even the Angels know that.

~ Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

“Potboiler fantasy that starts out with a bang and keeps cookin’ throughout, Revelation is a Gothic mishmash of opposites; good vs. evil, angels vs. demons, Cubs vs. White Sox. Well, the Cubs and the Sox are only incidental, but the battle for light and dark is waged in the streets of Chicago, and there are enough angels roaming the streets that you’d think at least one team’s prayers for the World Series would be answered. A serial killer is stealing the souls of the homeless, and it falls to a devastatingly handsome seraph named Caleb to try to get to them before Satan does. A weary detective and a young runaway named Grace figure into the story, and the book races to a climax that leaves the reader panting for more. But not to worry, because Revelation is only the first of The Seraphim Trilogy, and the story will hopefully continue in the next book, Redemption. B.E. Van Loon weaves the supernatural plot through murders in both the real and the afterlife, and heaven and earth meet in a shattering collision of faith. In my head, all the seraphs looked like Chris Hemsworth.”

~ Christine Broquet

“Awesome story and book, but beware, once you get into this book, you will not be able to put it down! A real page turner! B.E. Van Loon has hit one out of the park! Strongly recommended!”

~ Thomas F.

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The Trilogy continues in Book II — REDEMPTION

Did the inhabitants of Earth destroy themselves OR did God lose patience and cleanse the planet? Find out which twin survives and if good conquers evil in Redemption, the second book of The Seraphim Trilogy by B. E. Van Loon.

In the next saga, old and new characters fight for survival as they use technology and age-old magic to claim the Earth and start a new race.

Soon to follow! The Seraphim Trilogy continues…

Will history repeat itself? Will temptation and greed win out? Find out in Eden, the final book of The Seraphim Trilogy by B. E. Van Loon.

Discover if our new beginning is really the beginning of our end.