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B. E. Van Loon is a world-class speaker and has been a corporate spokesperson for industry giants such as Chrysler, Ford, GMC Truck, Oldsmobile, Toyota, Buick, Lincoln-Mercury, Chevy, Lincoln Continental, Dodge Truck, Beardsley & Piper, Clark Equipment, Ingersoll/Rand, Comart Aniforms, Pepsi, Strohs, Taubman Co., Michigan Consolidated Gas, Detroit Edison and Michigan Milk Producers. Her presentations are interesting, humorous, relevant, inter-active and engaging, and can be customized for your group or company. She is especially effective speaking with parents, teens and adolescents.


  • Why YOUR Kid Should Be in Jail
  • The Top 10 Juvenile Crimes
  • Why Your Child Fits the Delinquent Profile
  • How YOU Teach Your Kids to Break the Law
  • How Cell Phones and the Internet Can Land Your Kid in Jail
  • Why You are to Blame if Your Child is a Bully
  • The Top Teen Cybercrime
  • How the Media & Entertainment Give Kids the Permission to Offend
  • Who’s Really to Blame for Juvenile Crime
  • How Your Kid’s Crime Can Send You to Jail
  • Why You Should Leave Your Child in Jail When They Get Arrested
  • How to Get Your Teen to Talk and Listen
  • Why Bobby Fischer Should Teach Parenting Classes

SPEAKER TOPICS (Parents/Parent Groups)

How would you like to:
  • Learn how to never yell at your kids again?
  • Get your teen to make smart choices?
  • Become a great role model for your teen?
  • Stop your kid’s electronics addiction?
  • Make it through raising a teen in one piece?
  • Raise a child with a moral compass?
  • Be able to trust your teenager?

SPEAKER TOPICS (Educators/Administrators)

How much would it be worth to your teachers, students and their parents if:
  • Your school eliminated bullying?
  • Your students championed responsible use of electronics?
  • Respect was the cornerstone of your school?
  • Students had better communication with their parents?
  • All yelling stopped in the classroom and your home?

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