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Some people are out-of-the box. B. E. Van Loon doesn’t believe there should be a box. She’s a Renaissance woman extraordinaire whose works and accomplishments are as eclectic and exciting as her life experiences. From dancing and singing her heart out in Broadway National Tours to writing books in many genres, leading companies in corporate America or sharing her wisdom through programs, speaking engagements and workshops, she shows unparalleled insight and creativity. But that’s not all…

B. E. also has a B.A. in Criminal Psychology, M.S. in Criminal Justice and has worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer, Juvenile Corrections Officers, Court Appointed Special Advocate and High School Criminal Justice Teacher.

Now, through her books, workbooks, speaking engagements, workshops and coaching, B. E. spends her time giving parents, educators, social service and legal professionals the tools to help adolescents and teens grow into law-abiding, healthy and motivated adults.

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